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Providing European internet connectivity, and hosting expertise for business.

Business is all about making the right connections. At Redestel we’re in a position to make that happen in a way you have never experienced before.

As well as phenomenally fast and reliable connectivity services throughout Europe, we also provide managed hosting, colocation and tele-housing facilities, and a bundle of complementary managed communications services to help your business network grow and perform at its very best.

A unique and flexible product portfolio enables us to design bespoke solutions, moulded to your business and its strategic requirements. As you grow, we grow with fully scalable solutions designed for growth at the outset.

With Redestel you’ll also enjoy access to our supremely efficient service from across Europe, and across the globe, be able to share information from outside the office as safely as you would from within it.

The past, present and future of Redestel

Redestel aims to become the partner of choice for business customer that demand reliable, scalable and flexible internet communication and hosting solutions in Spain and throughout Europe, and we work tirelessly with those customers to meet and exceed all their needs.  Business professionalism and integrity remains at the core of our business philosophy to ensure quality infrastructure solutions are delivered on-time, every time.

Redestel will grow through acquisitions and partnerships, and by investing in quality people to capture new skills and build new business relationships.

Investing in the future starts today

Redestel is a European provider of managed infrastructure solutions requiring specialist experience of IP networks, hosting (Cloud), and network security solutions.

Founded in 2004, Redestel's goal is to strengthen its position as a leading provider of IP access and managed services across Europe through strong organic growth combined with selective, value-added acquisitions.

Redestel is one of the few providers that can provide a full range of services at local, national and international levels across Spain and throughout Europe.

For more information concerning Redestel, please email investor@redestel.net

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