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Get the benefit of Bonded ADSL from Redestel in your business:

  • Available throughout Europe
  • Increased reliability backed by 99.9% SLA
  • Better upload and remote access performance
  • Lower cost than a leased line

To find out how Bonded ADSL from Redestel can benefit your business, contact our specialists today and request a quote. Talk to us on +34 976 443 277 or click here

More bandwidth, faster speed, better reliability and enhanced resilience - bonded ADSL by Redestel in Europe offers your business these benefits and more.

Redestel Bonded ADSL in Europe

Bonded ADSL takes multiple internet connections and creates a single virtual connection.  ADSL bonding is a complex operation, but it delivers users increased upload and download capabilities and is a viable alternative to leased line technology.

Redestel has developed a number of ADSL bonding solutions to meet the needs of our Clients, all of which bond multiple ADSL lines to create larger internet ‘pipes’ to deliver increased speed, reliability, flexibility and improved resilience with a 99.9% availability SLA.

Why choose Redestel Business ADSL connections?

Redestel’s Bonded ADSL solutions were developed for organisations to make better use of ADSL technology, especially where distance limitations meant only slow connection speeds could be achieved.  We tailor each Redestel Bonded ADSL solution to take into account your unique business needs, and we deliver bespoke solutions that address your speed, security and accessibility requirements.

Our Clients tend to use Redestel ADSL bonding when they need faster uploads and downloads for applications such as VoIP, remote access to IT systems, or simply as a cost-effective replacement for an expensive leased line solution.

Monitored and supported 24/7, Redestel Bonded ADSL meets the needs of business users that must have reliability, speed, resilience and flexibility in their internet connection.

What to do next

Contact one of our business specialists to learn more about Redestel Bonded ADSL and what it can offer.  We have a dedicated team of specialists on hand to discuss any questions you may have regarding Redestel Bonded ADSL.  Contact Redestel today to find out what Bonded ADSL can offer your business.

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