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Secure your business communications with a Redestel Managed Firewall:

  • Benefit from Redestel's network security expertise
  • Solutions to meet every business need
  • Predictable costs - one fee for equipment, maintenance and support
  • Monitored and supported 24/7

Find out how Redestel can help secure your business networks. Contact our security specialists today and request a quote. Talk to us on: +34 976 443 277 or click here

Managed Firewall services for European offices from Redestel draw upon the skills and experience of Redestel’s network security specialists  to ensure that your European network remains secure and trusted at all times.

Redestel Managed Firewall solutions for European offices

Redestel Managed Firewall is a security solution for companies with from 1 to 200+ sites and has been extensively employed in large, medium and small businesses.

Redestel Managed Firewall solutions are fully-managed services including network design, customer/product consultation, configuration, installation and on going support, delivered as ‘complete solutions’.  The hardware delivered as part of the Managed Firewall service is pre-configured by our own, in-house security experts to ensure that firewall rules are configured correctly and maintained to ensure that system software is always kept up-to-date.

Why choose a Redestel Managed Firewall for your European offices?

Managed Firewalls from Redestel allow you to focus on your business safe in the knowledge that Redestel’s firewall and security experts are keeping your network and business information safe and secure through continual checks, around the clock. 24/7.  And if there were to be an issue, we are confident we’ll be the first to identify and deal with it before it caused a disruption.

Redestel’s Managed Firewall solutions are cost effective – even for the smallest business – yet are scalable and flexible enough to support even the most rapid business growth having been successfully deployed in small medium and large enterprises across Europe.

VPN data networking - add any of our VPN data networking services to our managed firewall solution for a truly end-to-end managed VPN service - add homeworkers and suppliers quickly and easily - even allocate bandwidth to users or applications such as VOIP.

What to do next

Give us a call on +34 976 443 277 and speak to one of Redestel’s Managed Security experts. We are experts in managed firewall networking and are happy to advise on the right solution that best fits your needs and explain how a Managed Firewall from Redestel will  benefit your business.

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