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Get the benefit of a Redestel Virtual Private Network in your business:

  • Secure access for remote and home workers
  • Save money, by eliminating expensive point-to-point connections
  • Prioritise network bandwidth to important applications
  • Fixed, low-costs - one all-inclusive price

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Redestel’s fully managed VPN solutions enable European businesses to interconnect critical systems such as VoIP, databases and applications in one or more locations together - using Redestel Business Broadband connections to create a single, secure, private network.

Redestel Virtual Private Network VPN in Europe

The world's most successful companies all use private networks as a matter of course. Now, with an affordable virtual private network, your European offices can benefit from this secure technology. 

Having a VPN is like travelling by train, in order to avoid the risk of a crash or jam on the motorway. Of course, it's actually files and data that are being transported, and this is one way of ensuring they end up where they should and all in one piece.

As well as avoiding bottlenecks at peak times, a VPN can bypass security threats too, such as hackers, spies, and DoS attacks. Can you afford to take the risk?

Why choose a Redestel Virtual Private Network for European offices?

Redestel Virtual Private Network solutions are fully-managed services that are delivered as ‘complete solutions’ - including internet connections, routers and pre-configured hardware firewall – to securely connect remote workers; home workers; and business partners, to your systems safely and securely.

And, like all our business services, Redestel Virtual Private Network solutions are monitored and supported around the clock to ensure your business communications remain uninterrupted.

Redestel Virtual Private Network solutions are flexible - meaning you can add and remove sites swiftly, as well as increase and decrease link speed as your business demands change.  Furthermore, Redestel can help you better manage your bandwidth by reserving capacity for key users or important systems (such as VoIP) to keep your business information flowing smoothly.

What to do next

Contact one of our specialists to learn more about Redestel Virtual Private Network and how they can benefit your business - we have a dedicated team of specialists on hand to discuss any questions you may have.  Give us a call on +34 976 443 277 and speak to one of Redestel’s Managed Security experts.

Got a question about Virtual Private Networks from Redestel?
Speak with an expert on: +34 976 443 277 or click here

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